Bridgeway Foundation

John Montgomery

“Bridgeway Foundation is an outlet through which, along with others associated with Bridgeway, I carry out some of my most important life goals. These include giving back to our community and world (part of the “bridge” in Bridgeway), investing in future generations, and building on the fragile efforts of others for reconciliation, human rights, and fighting genocide. One of the most fun and rewarding parts of my time at Bridgeway over the last decade has been working with extraordinary and talented staff members.

Equally gratifying in the last few years has been the honor of coming alongside like-minded, passionate and talented partners in the organizations we support. These partners are of disparate backgrounds and in some cases different cultures, nations, or mother tongues. Those differences not only enrich our partnership and provide depth to our relationship, they also provide the power that enables us to realize important dreams. Moving from dream to reality is never easy, but by working together it becomes not only excitingly possible."

Core Issue Areas

  • Eliminating Genocide
  • Peacemaking and Reconciliation
  • Human Rights