Bridgeway Foundation


Bridging the Gap

The passions and convictions that underlie the formation of Bridgeway Foundation first arose in the mind of John Montgomery, founder of Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc., during childhood. It was then that he learned about the Holocaust and was indelibly affected by that knowledge.

As he grew and matured, he learned that genocide and ethnic cleansing, along with the factors that give rise to such atrocities, are not only historical facts, but also contemporary realities. He began to dream about some day contributing to remedying the circumstances that lead to such atrocities.

A Sermon, an Idea, an Enterprise

Even while pursuing a career this dream was always in John’s thoughts. While contemplating an idea for the business that eventually became Bridgeway Capital Management, John visited a church in Monterey, Massachusetts, where the guest preacher mentioned the work of Amnesty International. A light bulb went on. John realized that the mutual fund advisory firm he was contemplating could be a vehicle for benefiting such organizations.

In 1993 John organized Bridgeway Capital Management and gave the company a mission embracing an extraordinary purpose: the objective to “support charitable services, nurture educational services, improve the quality of community life, and oppose and alleviate the effects of genocide and oppression.”

Distinctive Commitment

In further defining this objective, Bridgeway Capital Management established a goal of donating 50 percent of its annual “after-tax” profits to charitable organizations. To facilitate the fulfillment of this mission, Bridgeway Foundation was created in December 2000. Since then, the foundation has disbursed numerous grants to organizations active in a wide variety of issue areas. (click to read full story...)

Core Issue Areas

  • Eliminating Genocide
  • Peacemaking and Reconciliation
  • Human Rights